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February 23, 2023

Everybody loved the yearbook!

Whitford Catholic Primary School, WA

When Pina Pettinicchio’s youngest child was approaching the end of primary school at Whitford Catholic Primary School in Perth, Pina wanted to make sure the occasion was befittingly chronicled for the students and their families with a quality yearbook.

Pina also wanted the process to be fun.

“I certainly enjoyed creating the yearbook with Treering. My youngest was graduating primary school, so working on the book was a labour of love for me; a gift for all the students,” said Pina.

Although having a self-described “average” level of computer literacy, Pina found Treering easy to use.

“Support was always supplied in a timely manner. They even organised video chats if needed.”

“I created the yearbook myself. Parents provided additional photos to those I was able to get from the school archives.”

“Any support I needed was either a phone call away or I just used some of the videos they gave me.”

“Treering’s software had so many features. From background, style and formatting of photos and text; the storage of photos into different tabs for easy access and use; the ability to move pages easily; the inclusion of comments and autographs between students on their personal pages; the access to multiple free downloads for revisions prior to printing.”

When all done, the yearbook printed through Treering’s online portal.

Once printed and delivered, we asked Pina what everyone thought.

“Everybody (parents and students) loved the yearbook we were able to produce for our families.”

These are some of the comments Pina received:

  • Alice absolutely loved reading through it and it’s such a lovely memento for them to keep from primary school. Mary
  • It’s beautifully done. Caroline
  • It’s a lovely yearbook and certainly packed with heaps of pics. So many memories to look back on for them. It’s wonderful. Ava’s taken it to bed to look through again. Caron
  • It’s so beautiful – thank you for organising these. Kylie
  • Loved the fact that we have our own photos and memories as part of their yearbook. Angel
  • He LOVES it! I’m just looking through it now. You did a fantastic job with it. Bec
  • It’s fabulous, thanks so much for doing this book. Nicole

Pina also thought Treering’s custom pages option, which enables students to add their own customised content, was a great way to make each yearbook unique for each student.

“The majority of our parents and students took advantage of this feature, with many adding pages to the two free ones. Looking at some of the books, the students were creative with their own pages, with many including comments and autographs from friends.”

So, was it all worth doing again?

“With regards to the ongoing use of Treering, I will be highly recommending it to the school, and I definitely would recommend Treering to other schools to create a yearbook.”

“It was very easy to use, and support was available if needed.  There was no limit on the number of photos I could include either.”

“I am meeting with the Year 6 parents of this year and will pass on information I have about Treering to them.”

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