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June 15, 2022

We definitely want to go ahead with Treering again!

Mildura Catholic College in regional Victoria found Treering’s software much simpler to use than any of their earlier efforts.

“Previously we’d use software like Publisher and we found it hard getting things like rules and images in consistently,” said Steve Tresize of Mildura Christian College. “It was vastly easier using Treering. Students were given the task to layout the majority of their yearbook’s pages, with groups and cohorts assigned specific pages of responsibility.

Mr Tresize said the teachers were especially happy to sit back and take a more consultative approach by providing guidance and assistance only when needed.

“The students responded positively and enjoyed their involvement,” said Mr Tresize.

Mr Tresize said the delivered yearbooks were very good quality and is looking forward to commencing work on the next edition.

“We definitely want to go ahead with Treering again.”

Steve Tresize

Now Australian schools can create fantastic yearbooks without the expense of outsourced designers!

Treering… Now available exclusively through Somersault Group.

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