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Terms & Conditions

  1. Commencement of Work – Prices supplied are valid for 30 days. Work will not commence until written approval of the Proposal/Estimate is received from the Client.
  2. Print Production prices will be held for 14 days after the date of the estimate. After that time, our suppliers reserve the right to increase prices and as such Print Production and components may be requoted.
  3. Print Production prices are based on the client adhering to the schedule. If the schedule is delayed, we reserve the right to requote if another print supplier is used to meet the revised (delayed) schedule.
  4. Payment Terms – A minimum 50% payment is required before work commences. The balance is payable on account and terms are strictly 30 days.
  5. Postage on mail-house work is required within 7 days of lodgement and a 10% service fee is charged.
  6. Courier charges will be invoiced at cost plus 10%.
  7. Approval – It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy and quality of work is acceptable at each sign-off stage and at final sign-off.
  8. The Client is responsible for all trademark, copyright and legal clearances.
  9. Corrections not stated on the estimate will be charged at $180.00 + GST per hour. Alterations to finished / final art lasers will be charged at $90.00 + GST per page and $180.00 + GST per page to imposed proofs.
  10. Supplied Artwork – Corrections to proofs will be charged at $120.00 + GST per page.
  11. Additional Work – If the brief is altered or changed, additional fees will apply.
  12. Cancellation – If work is cancelled, the Client agrees to pay for all work-to-date, plus a cancellation fee of 10% of the original quoted value of the project.
  13. Confidentiality – It is agreed Somersault Group shall not at any time either during the continuance of the work outlined or thereafter, except in the course of its duties, divulge any of the confidential affairs of the Client without previous consent in writing.
  14. After two weeks of inactivity or no feedback from the Client, work-to-date may be invoiced.
  15. After 12 months from commencement of a project, all work will be charged as additional author’s revisions.
  16. Intellectual Property – All material goods and concepts originating from, developed and designed by Somersault Group remain the property of Somersault Group unless otherwise agreed before commencement of work.
  17. Promotion – The Client agrees materials and concepts created by Somersault Group can be referenced or published to support the promotional and marketing initiatives of Somersault Group, except where confidentiality of finished project materials and concepts have been agreed to prior.
  18. All information in this estimate is commercial in confidence and must not be distributed to unauthorised recipients.
  19. Somersault Group and its print partners may deliver plus or minus up to 5% in overs/unders, which is a commercially acceptable standard amount. Overs may be charged by Somersault Group up to 60% of unit price.
  20. If the account is not paid by the due date, a late payment fee of $50.00 + GST per month may apply. Overdue accounts may also incur suspension of services.
  21. Bulk Deliveries – Standard shipping pallet dimensions are 40” x 48” (102cm x 122cm). Any other sizes will incur additional charges.
  22. In the event of termination of this agreement before completion, Somersault Group retains and owns all concepts and designs created and presented during the project.
  23. Concepts presented by Somersault Group remain the property of Somersault Group.
  24. Artwork developed and designed by Somersault Group remains the property of Somersault Group, unless prior arrangements are negotiated.
  25. Content supplied in bulk other than via Somersault Group’s in-house FTP service, such as third-party cloud or file sharing services, will incur additional project management fees.
  26. Payment of the initial deposit invoice constitutes acceptance of the estimate and these terms and conditions by the Client.
  27. Errors and omissions to artwork and supplied files that are signed off by the client are accepted.
  28. Unless stated otherwise, pricing is ex GST.
  29. Pricing is calculated using current international exchange rates and is subject to fluctuation.
  30. Pricing can be amended on volatile commodities at any time, such as paper or card stock.
  31. Contracts and deliveries may be suspended or cancelled by Somersault Group in the event of any strike, lock out, trade dispute, fire, tempest, breakdown, riot, theft, crime, civic disturbance, war, force majeure, pandemic, Act of God, legislation, the inability of Somersault Group to procure necessary material or articles or any other cause beyond the control of Somersault Group and no responsibility shall be attached to Somersault Group for any delay, loss or damage occasioned thereby. Any or all additional costs incurred may be charged to the customer. e.g. Demurrage, port fees.
  32. Copyright – The customer warrants that no ‘copy’ supplied to Somersault Group and its suppliers shall constitute a breach of any legislation or copyright or involve Somersault Group in any liability of any kind for compensation, damages or otherwise towards any third party. Without limiting this warranty, it is stipulated that Somersault Group may at its absolute discretion refuse to set up, layout, produce, print or deliver any material which in its opinion may expose Somersault Group or any of its servants or agents to any action, claim, demand or proceeding whatsoever (whether civil or criminal), and an indemnity shall be given in the form required by Somersault Group’s solicitors.
  33. Publishing contracts (eg. yearbooks, magazines, periodicals): If a consecutive yearly contract is broken by the client within the contract period, the design fee and discounted page rate will be payable by the client for all previous editions.
  34. Diary contracts: If a consecutive yearly contract is broken by the client within the contract period, a fee of $3,500.00 + GST will be payable by the client in lieu of the current year’s order.

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