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October 7, 2022

Portrait Autoflow with Treering

Did you know that Treering yearbook software takes your professional photographer’s image files for headshots and lays them out quickly and easily?

No more creating boxes and placing each individual headshot in place – that’s the OLD way of doing headshots.

No more stressful aligning and creating name captions – Treering does it all on the fly.

All you need to do is make sure images use the student’s name as the file name and treering will flow them in alphabetically for you, and even remove the file extension.

Treering yearbook software dashboard

If a student missed the photo day, they can be added later and the system will automatically re-flow in alphabetical order. You can change the styles and shapes of frames and boxes or use different font choices for captions, as well as advanced features such as altering spacing between images.

You’ll find that the Portrait Options layout control allows a lot of design flexibility. You can add space at the top of the page for a class photo or indeed any other images relevant to each class or year group.

Treering is designed to make your yearbook experience a fun one, no time wasting allowed!

Treering… Now available exclusively through Somersault Group.

  • Unlimited support in Australia
  • Free software
  • Free templates
  • Only pay for what you print
  • Parent payment portal

What are you waiting for?

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