February 20, 2024

Make your Yearbook Interactive

The best way to help others interact with the yearbook is Treering’s custom pages. These two free pages available in every yearbook are prime real estate for artwork, celebrations and firsts (first lost tooth, Instagram post, first cat, first dog).

Adding interactive pages to your yearbook is another way to increase engagement and personalisation in a culture measured by likes and shares.

By adding pages where students can fill in the blanks on personal likes, goals, and favourite foods, it makes the yearbook a more personal record. Below are three ideas to get you started…

1. Fill-in-the Blank

Part 80s nostalgia, part English teacher ploy to get us to know our parts of speech, fill-in-the-blank stories can range from nonsensical to [well, fill in the blank]. We created one you can copy and paste for your yearbook: [Google doc]

Treering Interactive Q&A pages.

2. Puzzles

Word puzzles and searches, crossword puzzles, and the like add an entertaining interactive break from traditional layouts and a means to involve family members who may enjoy solving the puzzles with their child, creating another shared yearbook experience.

Include things in your puzzles such as school subjects and the:

  • School address (street and city)
  • Special events or all-school activities
  • Principal’s last name
  • School motto
  • Names of clubs, teams, or extra-curriculars

Custom page examples from the Treering team.

An online puzzle maker can help you customise an interactive puzzle. If you don’t have the time to bust one out, there are plenty of free ones online to download.

TreeRing has hundreds of yearbook themes to spark inspiration for your yearbook. 

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