January 8, 2023

Getting Started for Chief Editors & Staff Editors

Year 12 Book – New School Year

Chief Editors and the yearbook team for Year 12 books change for each school year. Here’s how to get started for a new Year 12 book.

1. As the Chief Editor for a 2022 Year 12 book, log into your Treering account to see the options for starting the 2023 book. Since you will not be the Chief Editor for the new school year, select Not the Chief Editor for next year.

2. Who’s next? Enter the new Chief Editor’s name and email address. Select Done. They will receive an email from Treering with information on how to start the Year 12 book for the new school year.

3. Once the new Chief Editor activates their account, they will be able to update the Yearbook Team. Here are articles to show them how to Add Editors to the Yearbook Team and Delete an Editor on the Yearbook Team.

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