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April 12, 2022

Creating awesome, low-cost yearbooks

Case Study – Our client at Cunnamulla State School in Queensland were used to using InDesign, however they found it difficult to create a harmonious environment for contributors to effectively supply the flow of content. Somehow the collaboration process had to be made smoother.

Treering’s intuitive online design and content collection interface offered greater overall involvement through a complete design and content management solution with direct team input.

By giving users distinct admin, design or contributor user roles, team members can operate within Treering’s quick and easy to learn interface.

“I was very, very worried that trying a new system at the late stage of the year would slow me down, but your system is neat, clean, quick and easy to learn,” said Cunnamulla’s Jo Murphy.

“The functionality of your system has enough of these qualities to make it user friendly whilst at the same time makes setting gutters and layouts a snap.”

Ms Murphy also said giving users access to folders to upload content directly to their assigned pages alleviated the normally complex process.

“At this late stage I was too busy to set up folders for the pictures so that each folder houses the content for a page spread, but I could see you can do that. This means it will be easy for assigning roles.”

Treering also comes with over 200 pre-designed templated themes, which makes layout a breeze even for novice creatives.

“I like the range of themes you have, and I can see that it is possible to massage them to become authentically community owned,” said Ms Murphy.

“For example, I chose this year’s theme so that it would support our pictures of dancers. Also, I could cut out the backgrounds, removing extraneous noise whilst overlaying it onto the design to cover any little bits of shrapnel left behind.”

“The functionality that warns you if a picture is too small and pixilated is great! That it also guides you in the downsizing is a blessing. Being able to move things around the page is also a blessing.”

Treering is also cost-effective. It’s free to use and the school only pays for what is printed, or optionally, parents or students can pay for their copies.

“I think your prices are fantastic,” said Ms Murphy.

In the end, for Cunnamulla State School, by using Treering, a quality and eye-catching yearbook was created in-house in such a timely manner that additional books are now able to be created by other staff and students for individual year groups and art classes.

“I was too nervous to let others play with what was a very late venture this year. Next year we will start at the beginning of the year and your system is so easy I will happily ‘let go’ and let others play.”

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