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November 11, 2021

Printing with the Right Supplier

Not every printer can do every print job.

English teachers don’t teach physics or maths, and similarly a printer is not a binder or a designer. So how rational do you think it is to send all your work to one supplier?

Whilst a printer may outwardly appear no different to the next, print equipment and the expertise of staff at each printing company varies, sometimes greatly.

Print requirements for publications also vary, and this offers a great example of illustrating the difference between printing companies, and printers won’t actively disclose whether they need to outsource certain parts of print production to a specialist.

A diary, for example, is a publication which needs special equipment. Ever wonder how the ribbon is attached in a casebound book? Well, that’s done on the binding line. Most printers don’t own a binding line. Business cards are printed on small presses because the set-up is quick and cost effective. Most book printers don’t own a small press.

Whatever print you need, there will always be a solution to fit your requirements perfectly, but the challenge is to find suppliers who can do this most efficiently.

Added to this challenge is that publications and book printing are areas in which we are coming up short, with suppliers in Australia continuing to dwindle in numbers. That’s precisely why many jobs are now being sent overseas.

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