November 3, 2021

Giving is More Like Receiving

Many of you might know that I’m on a not-for-profit board (Health Education Development Solutions) which provides free medical support and education sponsorship in the Solomon Islands. The thing is, it’s way more fun than you can imagine.

The landscape is raw and beautiful, and the water is pristine. The people are warm and loving, as well as being very shy and modest. Their life is focused around family and primarily their children.

The amazing thing about donating or volunteering is that it changes our focus. We are very focused on ourselves and how our lives are moving forward. Volunteering allows time away from inward focus by looking at the lives of others and how we can come together and make small changes that impact their lives.

Somersault Group sponsors the education of two secondary students, a commitment of three to four years, to ensure continued education. Interestingly, each sponsor is unaware of the identity of the student sponsored – a cultural requirement in the Solomons. Nevertheless, there’s a real feeling of appreciation and progress from all, with the benefits plain to see.

Please think about giving a small percentage of your annual income to a worthy charity of your choice, as the benefits are immeasurable to both you and recipients.


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