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April 30, 2024

15,000 Schools Use Treering

Treering is celebrating 15 years of making yearbooks this year, and with over 15,000 users worldwide, is an established disrupter in yearbooks.

It’s crazy how easy it is to create yearbooks with Treering. The online software is completely free. You only pay for the copies you print, and the price is determined by the number of pages – and there is no minimum print quantity required.

Even crazier is, with Treering’s parent payment portal, there’s no cost to the school whatsoever. Like, at all… Nix, bupkis, nada, nought, zero. 

This means schools that have never been able (to afford) to do a yearbook, can now do so.

This is such an important component of Treering and fundamental to our origin story.

Treering’s Co-Founder Brady McCue: “When I was in school, my family could not buy a yearbook. Every school yearbook signing day, I had to stay home. It was awful, and I didn’t want any other kid to feel the same way.”

Fostering a sense of inclusion and belonging among students, staff and parents is our goal, and with an option to include two free custom pages for each student, all students can have a yearbook that showcases their year.

So how does Treering work?

Well, simply put, Treering includes over 200 free templates, ready and waiting for you to use.

The idea is you pick a template – or create your own – then upload your images and drag and drop your memories for the school year onto the page.

You can also assign a team of editors to help you put your yearbook together and allocate them with whatever level of access you need to give them.

To get the word out whilst you’re creating your yearbook, you can send a link from Treering to your community, letting them know that they have time to save up and purchase the yearbook while you are working on it.

Another cool thing about Treering is you print the exact quantities you need. No more waste. If you need 317 copies, you get 317 copies.

You can also order your yearbooks in a mixture of hard or soft-cover options.

It takes about three weeks to print and deliver to the school, which is included in the price – anywhere in Australia.

If anyone then decides they missed out – which does happen – they can print extra copies anytime and Treering will deliver straight to them. They’ll have to pay postage this time, but we find everyone agrees that’s a fair enough trade.

The same design can then be used year-on-year, which not only makes it even easier to create the next yearbook, but also produces consistency, familiarity and will create a school tradition.

Oh, and one more thing… We offer unlimited support. Just call 1300 322 980 and one of the team in Sydney will answer your questions. And if you contact us after hours, you might even hear from our overseas team before the Aus team get back to you.

So, that’s our first 15 years – but watch this space. As we turn the next page, we will continue to build Treering’s technology to help simplify capturing meaningful memories.

And don’t forget to use the promo code somersault10 to get 10% off your print price!

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